Sunday, April 27, 2014

Watt's the Buzz in Surrey this Weekend

 Major announcement at Saturday's Party for the Planet
 Dianne Watts, Surrey's mayor for the past 9 years  told the crowd she will not seek re-election. A surprise to some, but many saw it coming.
Surrey SFU  campus tower at Central City. When this stunning piece of architecture was opened in the mid 2000s there were high hopes that Surrey would finally be able to shake its backwoods image once and for all. Despite some beautiful iconic developments, some say the city's reputation is worse than ever. And that's a crying shame. 
 Will be writing more on this and who in the crowd of usual suspects might be taking a swing at the mayor's chair. It won't be an easy job. Surrey has challenges, and as I write this, Twitter is buzzing with reports of shots fired near Gateway Skytrain Station in Whalley/City Centre. On a Sunday afternoon....sigh.