Monday, August 20, 2012

Surrey's Bad Rap....why does it continue?

Back in the 80s, there was an advertising campaign encouraging people to purchase homes in the Richmond area. The tagline was:
 "Living in Richmond means never having to say you're Surrey"

It was a play on the line from   the movie Love Story. I recall it being quite controversial at the time.
Lots of Surrey folks were insulted.  I wasn't a Surrey resident at the time and in New Westminster we kind of nodded in agreement. Surrey wasn't the jewel of the Vancouver area.

Fast forward to last week when someone on facebook  posted a 'joke' that's goes like this....

A couple in Surrey are planning on naming their newborn Adolf Hitler. 
They should be ashamed of themselves. Surrey is no place to raise a child.

 Not much has changed.

So here's my question. 
Why does Surrey continue to be the butt of jokes,  the area of Metro Vancouver which is considered the least desirable place to live?