Saturday, May 3, 2014

Friends of The Grove - Today!

             Friends of The Grove  !

 Happens  Today in Newton.
 Here's what you need to  know !

Every Saturday for the last 2 months Friends have been meeting at The Grove

Having Fun...

Talking with neighbours passing through

Relaxing a bit...

 Enjoying the sunshine 

Playing in the tents...

"Two Dudes Chillin' Park ?"

Words with Friends..... of the Grove
These are the people in your neighbourhood. Today, drop by and say hi. Bring something fun with you to share:  Anything! An instrument, a hula-hoop, a bubble machine. Share some books, maybe a story. Tell us something about you that we didn't know before. It's all a big experiment in connecting us as a community. There's going to be lots of music and  I guarantee a few surprises.
 Whatevs!  Just about anything goes. 
This is our place.  This is your place.  So let's have some fun. Details here 

I'd  love to meet you! Please come up to me today and introduce yourself.  Then we won't be strangers anymore. 
And make a point of meeting David Dalley who has worked so hard to turn the Grove into a warm and welcoming public space.
Jude Hannah
ReNewton Nation

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  1. What a great Gathering in the Grove! Lovely to meet you and so many other caring people. The gals from Bear Creek Church had lots of fun handing out cookies and singing silly songs, despite the cold wet weather.


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