Monday, May 12, 2014

Newton Now- It's time to take action

   Newton must be given its fair shake. Residents here have been very patient, but there's a limit to the number of times they will put up with being passed over for improved amenities and public facilities. Newton gets all the "bad stuff" but waits patiently for the promise of Festival Street, and new and expanded arts and recreation facilities.

 We hear the  cries everywhere.  When  will Newton get the long promised revitalization?  
Large part of venue for Newton Festival 2013 was held here-
What does this say about the level of respect the 140K residents of Newton get?
Their festival held in a back parking lot.
Newton Arena- Teen Skate Cancelled

Cloverdale Recreation Centre-Gorgeous artwork inside a multi-use facility.
The families of Newton, an area that includes Panorama Ridge, Sullivan Station, North Ridge and Sullivan Heights deserve the same calibre of facilities.
Notice board in disrepair outside Newton Arena.

No More "Newton Next"- demand Newton Now

Newton residents deserve better. They deserve the type of amenities that South Surrey recently received with its gorgeous arts and recreation centre expansion. 
South Surrey arts space
Pottery studio at South Surrey Rec Centre

Families everywhere in this city need  to have the same opportunities. We can't  create a city of haves and have-nots. It's not working.  140,000 people live in Newton. That alone deserves some respect and attention.  
Kids need art! Especially lower income vulnerable ones

Grand Opening South Surrey Arts and Recreation Centre expansion.
  It's Newton's  Time in the Spotlight. Let's make it happen.

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