Thursday, April 25, 2013

"It's All About the Corner" Jane Jacobs

"It's All About The Corner"

Some of you may  know that even before this place  (shown below) was a public market

there was an even  older way funkier and very successful market and community hub on the  same corner at King George and 64th Avenue. The goal of ReNewton was to bring back the public market to this corner. Now, our mayor, being focused  on City Centre so intently that she pays little attention to the state of south Newton, is fond of saying that this corner is not the right location for a public market. How very disingenuous of her!  The original market  the one housed in an old former roller rink was booming !   Fresh fish vendors, veggie stands, the  BEST Japanese take-out and so much more! It was one of the things that drew many of us to  the area and to ultimately purchase homes in what was then a semi-rural  part of the south Newton/ north Panorama neighbourhood.. 
And now, with 10s of thousands more people here and with 70,000 cars passing through the King George and 64th Avenue, well, just imagine the possibilities. 
But I digress.....

The land is privately owned and the owner has plans for a mixed use development but no construction is slated for the foreseeable future. And that's where we, and you come in. 
 Let's bring some life back to this corner and show that this IS a place that we in the community care about.  
Any arts group or individuals  who would like a huge  and very visible canvas to work on send a message to  Some of  you have said you'd like to see a giant chess/checkerboard or a labyrinth and hey, who wants to yarn bomb those trees?  Wouldn't it be great  for drivers through that intersection to see those trees covered in something so whimsical and fun? Others have suggested food producers and a farmers market set up a few times this summer.
So... what are you waiting for?  Let's get creative!