Friday, April 5, 2013

The Difference Between Surrey and Yogurt.

In the summer of 1986 when I first told my family and friends that I was thinking of moving from a heritage home in the Queen's Park area of New Westminster to a brand new house in Surrey, one of them  rolled her eyes and asked this....

 What's the difference between Surrey and Yogurt?*

  Anyone remember the answer?  It was a real dig at Surrey and came on the heals of that whole Surrey bashing  thing that was rampant at the time.
Richmond's  " Buying a house in Richmond means never having to say  'You're Surrey'"
   If you're of a certain age you'll know that  THAT line came from the movie Love Story ( Being in love means never having to say you're sorry)  haha  :((  So clever. Sigh.

Well, guess what folks? 
 Just like yogurt, Surrey actually HAS CULTURE!

Our Arts Centre in Bear Creek Park is an outstanding facility. I have visited the gallery with instructors from Emily Carr University of Art & Design  and fellow artists and they have commented on what a great space we have there.  I'll take that as an endorsement.

 So what's the problem?  Well, Surrey just doesn't have enough venues and entertainment options.
We need places where young people can go for a night out to hear live music and have fun.
Too many 20 something Surrey-ites are  choosing to pack up and make their home in Vancouver  cuz, 'nothing happens here'
 We have to change that.
One of   ReNewton's goals is to encourage an Arts District in the  dead centre of the city.

Street Cafe  - Jazz Club
Who needs Vancouver when you could have this right here in  Newton the heart of Surrey- the smack-dab centrepoint of the city?

There's an area in south Newton  along the King George between 62nd and 70th Avenues that has many for lease spaces, empty lots and vacant  or under used buildings. What if we could create an Arts District  there? A walkable stretch  of 8 blocks where artists, musicians, young people can hang out, eat, drink , listen to music, shop, perform etc.  and NOT have to go to Vancouver for a night out.
Surrey needs to keep more entertainment dollars in its own backyard.

And, this is important...  Surrey needs to show young people from other areas of Metro Vancouver that yes, this IS where the future lives. Not just 'lives'..... but LIVES !!

The George Arts District might just be a way  to start.

 Let the city of Surrey know that you'd like to see a more vibrant dynamic cultural core in the heart of Surrey. That's right here in Newton folks. Midtown Surrey.