Monday, January 28, 2013

Monday Morning Gob Smack- She Said What???

Woke up this morning to see Shelley Fralic's glowing report  in the Vancouver Sun on Surrey mayor Dianne Watts.

 Fralic writes that "Watts has cleaned up the grimy bits" and is "hell-bent on cleaning up the grungier parts of town.." 
Nearly sprayed coffee all over the kitchen windows. Didn't know whether to laugh out loud or cry.  

South Newton residents, especially those living near the King George corridor between 72nd & 60th, can only shake their heads at these pronouncements.  Despite well-timed promises for revitalization of the Newton downtown area  no action has been taken and well  friends, THIS is what greets drivers  at one of the busiest intersections in all of Surrey daily. And it's been like this for over a decade.  

If Watts  and Co. continue to neglect Newton- home to Surrey's largest population ( and growing) the result will be seen come next election.  And that's a crying shame, because  up until now, I have voted for her every time.

The Future Lives Here?

The decaying former Surrey Public Market   stands at one of the busiest intersections in town  King George & 64th Avenue.
70,000 drivers daily look at this and think "The Future Lives here??? "