Sunday, January 20, 2013

Casino Royale-Time to Shuffle the Deck and Deal

  This weekend Surrey city council  in a close vote  turned down the proposal to build a casino and entertainment complex in South Surrey.
It's a victory for South Surrey residents,  and there's an element of Nimbyism for sure.
 The  No vote has unfortunate consequences for South Newton where Gateway's current Bingo Country operates.
Several months ago council voted to allow slots at that facility on a "temporary" basis until  the new casino in South Surrey was built and the gaming license transferred. 
 At the time it was said by many that  "temporary" had a way of becoming permanent.
And guess what folks, it has.
 The  aging Newton facility will keep operating as it is, and  plans for a new retail complex, complete with Planet Organic as anchor tenant?   Well that's unlikely to happen any time soon if ever.

Newton deserves the same attention and consideration as those  whose wishes were granted late Friday night.

  The city of Surrey must get working with developers to revitalize the South Newton/King George corridor.  
Clearly a need exists for  arts, entertainment and convention facilities. And what better place than  South Newton, the heart of Surrey. It's a no-brainer.

  Compromises will be necessary. We can't have everything we ask for. 
  But the time has come for the suburbs to grow up. Literally and figuratively.


  1. Well said. We really like living in South Newton for it's central location. However, it seems like we're always getting in our car and driving to other neighborhoods for restaurants, entertainment, unique shopping etc. As much as we can we support our local businesses, we just need more of them!

    1. Agreed. South Newton is a great location to live! Thanks for your comment.


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