Monday, December 30, 2013

The Worst Case Scenario ...

As I write this, a mother clings to life in a hospital bed. It is unlikely she will survive.

 Her crime? Doing what good mothers do. Picking up her son from a hockey tournament . 
She was savagely beaten in an area that once  was a family friendly sporting complex. Not any more. 

For years community groups have been pleading with city government to address the increasing violence and crime in this part of Surrey. Many homeowners believe it directly correlates with the move to  re-brand  City Centre  ( Whalley) as a gleaming new Metropolis.  Unfortunately, Newton has become the new Whalley, and  Whalley's Woes have become Newton's Nightmares. 
That is heartbreakingly true for one family tonight. 

 To Mayor Watts and  Surrey city council, this was what we feared would happen. We are beyond sad. This is a tragedy that  many residents feel could have been prevented, but it would have taken acknowledging  that the problem existed. And it appears that that was simply too bitter a pill to swallow. And that is a tragedy all on its own.

Full Story Here- Hockey Mom Beaten in Unprovoked Attack

 We will  keep you updated as this story unfolds.
 Update : Julie Paskall succumbed to her injuries Tuesday December 31, 2013

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