Friday, September 13, 2013

Mayor Watts, Tear Down These Walls.

Update: January 2014
The property at King George and 64th Avenue has been sold again. And still this building sits. A fence has been erected around the corner, but its gates have been breached many times and currently remain wide open. Concrete barriers have been moved and the lot is now wide open for any one who chooses to drive right in. 
Is it really asking too much for the city of Surrey to enforce its Unsightly Property Bylaw?

Original Post: September 2013

ReNewton began with the goal of placing the spotlight on the condition of the old public market site in Surrey.  We asked the mayor in 2011 if the city could purchase the neglected property and build a much needed arts/recreation/sport facility or public market. Something for the community. The response was that the city had tried, but the owner at the time 'didn't want to sell'. 
However in Jan of 2012, the property in fact did sell, but  the city of Surrey wasn't the buyer. 
Nearly fifteen years after shutting its doors, the structure still sits. Unsightly, exposed and  unsafe. 

The building you see below at the highly visible intersection of King George and 64th Avenue has been in a continuous state of decay for  well over a decade. 

 It's time for the bulldozers to arrive and remove this dangerous, deplorable structure. 

Mayor Watts, tear down these walls.

The  residents of Panorama Ridge, Panorama Northwoods and Sullivan Heights,  not to mention the citizens and taxpayers of Surrey in general, deserve  better than this. 


  1. The eyesore just got worse with the new owners!

  2. Unsightly property bylaw needs to be enforced by the city.
    Action. Real concrete action is needed. Newton residents and voters will remember this come election time November 2014

  3. The city MUST do something to get rid of this eyesore and encourage some kind of redevelopment. Years ago the market closed.....but the whole neighborhood has changed completely and this central Newton area deserves revitalization.
    This could easily become a significant election issue....let's hope!!

  4. dont take down the market good place to do art you dont want it on your streets might as well do it where people cant see it

  5. doesn't this building become a health and safety hazard? rats and other rodents/animals infesting, rotting structures that someone could get into (even if they aren't suppose to) and get hurt?
    just a thought .....


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