Wednesday, March 26, 2014

What This Place Really Needs.....

 News came today that the highly contentious slot machines at the  Newton Bingo Centre will be removed by May 15. 

Newton Slots to Go 

This is welcome news for all those who care about the health, liveability and economic viability of our neighbourhood.  

The question now is --- What will  happen to that property? Several tenants have had to move out of the aging retail complex and now we hear plans for redevelopment of the entire complex may be on hold.
 Perhaps  the owners could consider this.  That  the time has come to bid farewell to the old Bingo Hall too. It's had its day. Yes, we know-It probably still brings in a nice cash flow. 
But why run a business that is so unpopular in the area and one that caters to such a small segment of the city's population. Why continue  when there is the opportunity for something so much better and one with the potential for greater profit?

What about a total makeover? 

 We can envision a brand new retail complex with the kind of amenities south Newton residents are clamouring for. The King George corner at 70th Ave. may not exactly scream affluence,
 but remember ....Newton is Huge

Newton contains Panorama Ridge, Sullivan Station, Northridge, Panorama Northwoods and the booming Sullivan Heights neighbourhood, home to thousands of  young families who have reluctantly been travelling elsewhere to buy what they can't find here. Not yet anyway. 
Businesses such as Whole Foods, Choices, Thrifty's Foods, Starbucks, Kin's Farm Market,Marble Slab Creamery Cob's Breads, Clancy's  7 Seas Fish Market and many more would find an enthusiastic crowd of shoppers if they were to locate here.  
Not to mention the 70,000 drivers that  daily stream along the King George.  I'll state that figure again. 70 thousand drivers.
There's money  ( a ton of it) to be made on those commuting to and from White Rock and South Surrey. 
 One thing we know for sure. To make that happen, that gaming centre needs to go. 
 Sometimes  the smartest move is for a business to wipe the slate clean, get some innovative thinkers onboard and create something that everyone feels good about. And when people feel good about a company, guess what happens?
 They spend money.
 Lots of it.