Friday, November 21, 2014

Downtown Newton's Time to Shine...

Downtown Newton is a great place to be. 
There are lots of fun shops, cafes and places to explore here. We're  even working on a self-guided walking tour! 

  However, one thing that is mentioned in conversation is that after dark, we're not getting as much bustling family oriented activity on the streets as we'd like.  We want to encourage more families to use the downtown area at different times of the day. Right now that's not happening as much as it could be.

Downtown Newton has a lot of city owned vacant land and it's not being utilized in any capacity. Sooo.... here's an idea that could make use of the area to the south of the existing  community centre. How much fun would this be?  Hot chocolate and popcorn anyone?  Evening skating with the little ones? Remember  how well used the artificial ice rink  was at Holland Park during the 2010 Olympics? And in the summer why not switch it up and bazinga! It's a roller-skating rink.  
Our downtown centre has great 'bones' and so much potential as a  little urban village. Let's get moving and capitalize on that.

Let's encourage family friendly activities in our downtown core.
 This is just one idea. Can you think of a few of your own?

Just look at what can be done with a vacant commercial lot, some lights and a little community spirit.  Don't forget the  paint! Paint is the fastest, cheapest, easiest way to transform a space.

ReImagine    ReCreate    ReNew
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