Thursday, July 24, 2014

Street Piano Launch Party Pics plus full Video Playlist

 We had a wonderful Monday evening of music and community harmony amid the sounds of buses, car horns and people hurrying home after a busy day on transit. 
The  street piano, generously donated by Sean Pacey and Pacey's Piano is now a fixture at the Newton  Exchange between Coast Capital and the Wave Pool. 
It's yours to play!

  A few images from Monday's launch. Stay tuned for news on the painting portion of this fun, engaging placemaking project in the heart of Newton, Midtown Surrey

Keeper of the Grove David in action

Members of Make Music Vancouver and the Piano Teachers Federation

Vladislava Mars performed her own Philip Glass inspired compositions.

A little sparkle in the trees

Children are born to play music!
Taking a break from snapping photos to soak in the tunes.

Neighbours came out to enjoy the twilight concert

These two met on Tuesday and just started jamming

A few videos of performances from Monday's kick-off.