Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Is it April Fools Day already?

 Despite  publicly stating that "Newton would not be home to any more  social  housing"  tonight we learn that  Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts appears to welcome Vision Quest into the already saturated  neighbourhood.
 The plan is to have Vision Quest move into the burned out  Hotel Bollywood, a shabby boarded up motel on the King George strip. There couldn't be a worse place to house vulnerable people than  at that location. This cannot be allowed to happen yet again in Newton.

Mayor Watts said  she wouldn't do this and  she needs to be held  accountable to all Surrey residents. The people in this part of Surrey have absorbed more than their share of similar type housing and organizations, and it has created an unbalanced and unhealthy  area along the King George corridor  in South Newton.

The people of South Surrey were listened to last month and managed to block a mega casino  development  in their community with the mayor casting the deciding vote. That 'no' vote  means  the gaming license held by Gateway stays in Newton.  And the slots at Bingo Country at King George and 71st Ave, which the mayor told us would be "temporary" will continue to operate and  tempt  the  large number  of already marginalized residents who live within a few blocks.

And now she wants to put another  recovery facility close by?

Please tell us that it's April Fools Day, because this has to be some sort of joke.

Watch the Global News  feature here.
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 Update Thursday Feb 28
Mayor Watts gives statement saying  Vision Quest will not be going into the Hotel Bollywood.  Claims Vision Quest acted without her approval and consent.  Pretty sure we haven't heard the last of this. Surrey politics, very strange indeed.