Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Lots happening in Newton

Summer in Newton saw the partial take-down of the derelict public market building at King George and 64th Ave.   We're still waiting to see how the developer will be dealing with the rest of the structure  which most residents of the neighbourhood say should  also meet the business end of a bulldozer.
The Welcome Home project appears to be progressing  so will keep you posted on that in the coming weeks.  Before I became involved in local issues, nearly 1,000   Newton  homeowners came out in force to oppose the project which would see hundreds of former inmates housed in a live/work facility, adjacent to the existing  Price Pro residence which houses people recovering from addiction. No one disagrees that a facility like this is useful. No one. The argument is that Newton already has so many correctional and social  service type  organizations  that it is in danger of becoming  Surrey's version of  Vancouver's downtown eastside.
 Newton needs business revitalization.  We  cannot continue  along this path.  Simply put, it is not healthy for the community. Every neighbourhood needs a healthy  and balanced economic mix if it is to thrive.
 Now we hear  that there may be yet another homeless shelter in Newton, even though Mayor Watts has promised that Newton will not be the home to any more social services.  We need a major economic boost. Newton needs  new businesses to set up shop in the neighbourhood. Too many are leaving.  We need to look at the long term livability of our community. South Newton needs help. How much longer is the largest community in Surrey (130,000 residents) going to be neglected?
 Promises of  a revitalized town centre and "Festival Street" are considered by many residents as merely lip service. No follow up has occurred.
 Let's get serious and take action  while there's still time to make a  difference